Digital Satellite Images of the Tuna Point Lighthouse, Faro De Punta Tuna, Maunabo, Puerto Rico
Working to attain and reconstruct the Tuna Point Light House                             "Faro De Punta Tuna"
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Current weather at the Lighthouse
Below are Images from the Quickbird 2 Satellite
This site is dedicated to the lighthouse restoration and lighthouse preservation of the Punta Tuna lighthouse.  This USCG Lighthouse is considered part of the National Park Service, as it is one of the Puerto Rico National Historic Lighthouses.  It is known but many names including, Tuna Point lighthouse, Point Tuna lighthouse, Faro de Punta Tuna, and Maunabo lighthouse.  The Point Tuna Lighthouse is located in Maunabo, Puerto Rico and this site contains, lighthouse pictures, lighthouse photos, lighthouse blueprints, lighthouse facts, lighthouse images from space, weather at the lighthouse, Maunabo weather and weather for all of Puerto Rico.  There is also detailed information, on the Maunabo Wetland area.
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Punta_Tuna about the people and communities that built ships, shipped goods, sailed ships, kept lights, rescued wrecks, fished waters, and kept the sea lanes open about the use of waterways for commerce, transportation, defense, and recreation about the traditions and skills, arts and crafts, artifacts and documents, and buildings, structures, and vessels that reflect our past maritime endeavors what we help to interpret and preserve
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Nothing indicates the liberality,
prosperity or intelligence of a
nation more clearly than the
facilities which it affords for the
safe approach of the mariner to its shores.

Report of the Lighthouse Board, 1868
Sections of Maunabo and the Punta Tuna Lighthouse in perspective
The Punta Tuna Lighthouse and the Wetland System to the East
Punta Tuna Lighthouse with its support and Billet buildings
Punta Tuna Lighthouse shown with the cove to the West
Punta Tuna Lighthouse with its support and Billet buildings
Under this extreme magnification you can see the damage to the roof of the lighthouse
Punta Tuna Lighthouse Billet building and Oil House
Under this extreme magnification you can see the damage to the roof of the Billet building in the lower corner and the missing 1/3rd of the Oil House building
The Punta Tuna Lighthouse with its support and Billet buildings shown with the beach to the East
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Note the water depths, channels and structures off the beach as well as in the cove
Sargent Reef shown in reference to the Punta Tuna Lighthouse, reef is across the bottom of the bottom of the photo.
The Sargent Reef is a barrier if you will between the shallow water along the coast and the Caribbean tectonic plate.  Within a few hundred feet of the reef, the sea floor falls off dramatically.  This fall off is to an average depth of 2490 meters and a maximum depth of 7680 meters. This is best illustrated in the graphic below.
The Sargent Reef shown by itself to see more detail.  Note the shallow 2 foot deep section in the right upper section of the photo
Because of the sudden drop off in depth, there is also a great difference in water temperature between the surface and the water down in the trench.  A resource assessment conducted in 1977 studied the potential for a nearshore Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion plant. The evaluation concluded that a closed-cycle, land-based Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion plant of up to 10 Mega Watts was feasible.  In studying the entire island of Puerto Rico, only the headland of Punta Tuna on the south-east coast of the island satisfied the criteria for such a plant.  A diagram of the workings of such a plant is shown below.
Click on this text to be taken the NOAA On-Line Viewer of the Punta Tuna chart. There you can zoom in and around to see in detail the depths and the submerged "Sargent" reef directly off of the lighthouse.

The Sargent Reef shown in reference to the town of Maunabo, although the detail is lessened because of the altitude of the shot, the Reef is clearly shown angled across the bottom of the bottom of the photo.
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